The exhibition "Picturesque Russia" to mark the 135th anniversary of the birth of B.N.Kustodieva, Moscow (Russia)

The exhibition "Picturesque Russia" to mark the 135th anniversary of the birth of B.N.Kustodieva, Moscow (Russia)

St.Petersburg's ArtWeek, St.Petersburg (Russia), 2012, 05/07-11/07

Web Site: http://www.spbartweek.com/ Theme of the contest (the nomination): The competition of arts and crafts, category: Jewelry and Accessories. International contemporary art exhibition "St.PETERSBURG 's ART WEEK" is held in the historic center of St. Petersburg from 05 to 11 July 2012., In the Exhibition Hall of the St. Petersburg Artists Union (St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 60).

The third International Fashion Colorworks 2012 Beading Contest, held by My Lovely Beads (Internet)

Web Site: http://www.mylovelybeads.com


Theme of the contest :


The third International Fashion Colorworks 2012 Beading Contest is held by My Lovely Beads. Entries should be made using one of the color combinations made up of three colors announced by the Pantone Color Institute, the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems, as top 10 fashion colors for spring 2012 ( fashion colors spring 2012 ) : http://www.pantone.com/

Exhibition "Modern interpretation of beads 2012", Kaliningrad (Russia)

Web Site: http://kgd-rukodelie.ucoz.ru/




Nomination: "Best Brooch"


The first prize winner:


Brooch "Volcanic life" by Olga Mulyaova

Fifth International exhibition of arts and crafts "Soul Colours 2012", Minsk (Belarus), 2012, 17/05-01/06

Web Site: http://www.biser.by


The exhibition showcased extraordinary works in almost all areas of arts and crafts. There were themed competitions which gathered a remarkable team. I also participated in the exhibition with my miniature bonsai trees.

The Beadworkers Guild 13th Annual Challenge., 2012, May

Web Site: http://www.beadworkersguild.org.uk


This competition is open to members of The Beadworkers Guild only. (UK)


Theme of the contest (the nomination): Its all in the game.

From the very birth we play games. They penetrate all our life. For me my art is also a kind of game I play with the world, a "glass bead game". I am trying to tell the world what I actually feel. Everyone knows that in any game, a win is the most exciting moment. That's the aim of any competition. My work "Bouquet of Chrysanthemums" represents a victory, a prize. When I was making it, I was thinking about the coming Olympic Games, how many wins and flowers for the winners it will bring, and that sometimes different moments in our life are so magically linked together, as if it was all in the same game.

Exhibition Hall "Pechatniki" "The World of Flowers", Moscow (Russia), 2012, 27/04-20/05

Web Site: http://www.znui.ru/fotogalerea.htm


I participated in this exhibition as a former graduate of ZNUI. My beadworks presented were all done in my own freeform technique. Among them were necklaces and pendants, bracelets and rings.

Jubilee exhibition of Neli Salkova "A Teacher and a Students" State Exhibition Hall "Rostokino", Moscow (Russia), 2012, 18/04-28/04

Web Site: http://www.znui.ru/fotogalerea.htm


Works of my teacher Neli Salkova (photo):


This exhibition has been timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of my teacher. Neli Georgievna is an excellent teacher and wonderful person, very helpful. With an open heart she speaks to all of us. She is always listening, always supportive, I have never met a better person in my life. Her works are very lively, I look at her pictures always with great interest and admiration. In the exhibition, there were also presented watercolors of her son, artist Alexander Beletsky, and of course, works of her students, including my own. The staff at ZNUI are very friendly and helpful. Special thanks to L. V. Romanova, the director of ZNUI.


I met there many wonderful people, made ​​friends with them and hope that in the future we will start doing a joint project together.

International Exhibition One of a Kind, Arizona (USA), 2012, 27/01-07/02

This is the largest exhibition of semi-precious stones and their products worldwide. I participated with my freform beadworks. And my design won the third prize. Many thanks to all the organizers.

German Bead mgzn www.perlen-poesie.de


Ukraine Fashion mgzn www.biserknitting.com

Exhibition "Beading design New Wave 2010" Moscow, (Russia), 2010

Web Site: http://beadingdesign.ru/Konkyrs/2010/index.html


Exhibition New Wave gives an opportunity for all beginners to show their capabilities. In this exhibition, for the first time I presented my freeform beadworks by myself.

Internet competition "BEADSKY BRACELETS-2008"

Web Site: http://www.beadsky.com/

Theme of the competition (nomination): Bracelets of beads and other materials, combined with beads.


This competition was attended by 27 artists from different countries who have sent their wonderful works. I have presented my free-form technique for the first time.

Internet competition "BEADSKY RINGS-2007"

Web Site: http://www.beadsky.com


Theme of the contest (the nomination): Bead rings, as well as rings made from any other materials combined with beads.


This competition aimed at revealing the best design and the most original idea of the beaded ring! The competition was attended by 26 artists including myself. It was my first internet-competition I took part in. All my works presented there entered the List of the Best.

Trade exhibition on the occasion of 850-th anniversary of Moscow

The trade exhibition was organized by the Central House of Folk Arts to mark the 850-th anniversary of Moscow. The exhibition was held at the Kremlin wall in Alexandrovsky Garden.


In September 1997, the Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov organized a great celebration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow. Since then, the celebration of the city of Moscow has become an annual


A lot of artists took part in this exhibition representing many different crafts. I and my teacher Neli Salkova were in the jewelry section. For me it was the very first trade exhibition. A significant part of my works was sold on that day, but unfortunately almost no photos of those beadsworks are left. The atmosfere at the trade exhibition was very festive. The celebration day was successful!